Friends of Camp Sunrise

Who are the "Friends of Camp Sunrise"?

Many of us have been significantly impacted by the ministry of Camp Sunrise or know someone who has. It is a life changing place and has been so for many years! To many people, it is a place where something significant has happened in their life; a place to find friendship, to develop a passion for working with young people, to make a difference in the life of someone else, to cultivate family relationships, to discover or rediscover real meaning in life.

We hope that you will consider yourself a Friend of Camp Sunrise. So what do friends do? They support one another. As we look to maintaining and improving the experience of Camp Sunrise, we are looking for people who support the camp financially by funding items on our Wish List.

Your donation is tax deductible and can be targeted for any of the items on our list. Your donation does not need to fund the entire amount of any item. Any contribution by a Friend of Camp Sunrise will be greatly appreciated and put to good use.

Our wish list.

Camp Sunrise is requesting your help to purchase the items below. Each one will help to maintain or expand the services and experiences that everyone has at camp. Review the list and on the next page you will get a chance to put the item you would like to contribute to into a box so we can track your donation and insure you are recognized as a Friend of Camp Sunrise!

Category A
Name of Item Number Required Estimated Cost (each)
Outdoor Canopies 1 $2000.00
Electric Utility Cart (used) 1 $4000.00
Tilting Soup Pot (commercial) 1 $7500.00
Thermal Pool Cover 1 $7000.00
Solar Pool Heat 1 $8000.00
Toilet Upgrade for cabins 25 $280.00
Obstacle Course 1 $8000.00
Kitchen Ranges (commercial) 2 $9800.00
Single Steamer (commercial) 1 $4000.00
Motorized Safety Boat 1 $5000.00
Finishing Mower for Tractor 1 $2500.00
Category B
Name of Item Number Required Estimated Cost (each)
Student Computers 10 $1000.00
Student Printer 1 $500.00
Video Camera 3 $400.00
Category C
Name of Item Number Required Estimated Cost (each)
Beach Volleyballs 4 $30.00
Baseballs 12 $7.00
Baseball Home Plate 1 $100.00
Baseball Bases 3 $40.00
Baseball Bat 6 $75.00
Baseball Gloves 12 $70.00
Batting Helmet 2 $35.00
Line Marker 1 $150.00
Back Catcher - chest pad 2 $75.00
Back Catcher - leg guard 2 $75.00
Back Catcher - helmet 1 $100.00
Back Catcher - mitt 1 $100.00
Archery Arrows (set of 72) 1 $250.00
Bows 10 $50.00
Lacrosse - 12 Sticks/Balls 1 $500.00
Lacrosse Net 2 $150.00
Collapsible Soccer Net 2 $135.00