Rental Guidelines


The Salvation Army accepts no legal reponsibility for injuries or accidents to the campers. staff or visitors. Groups are to provide minimum legal liability insurance of two million dollars or more. Please provide an insurance endorsement naming the Salvation Army as co-insured.

Fees and Costs

THe group agrees to make a non-refundable deposit of the specified amount indicated on the Rental Agreement. The group agrees to pay fees based on the number of participants as outlined in the Camp Sunrise Rental Fee structure. The Camp Facilitator and group leader will carry out an inspection at the end of the camp. Any damage must be reported to our Camp Facilitator immediately. Damages will be charged to the group.


The group agrees to carry out day to day cleaning of cabins, floors, washrooms and showers, and to leave the camp and grounds in a clean condition.

  1. Sleeping area: The floors should be swept daily. A broom and dustpan are provided. The garbage container should be emptied into the larger garbage can outside the building. Under no circumstances are the mattresses to be removed from the cabins.
  2. Washrooms: Washroom facilities should be cleaned with cloths and cleaners provided. ie. toilets, sinks, counters, showers, floors. All seats should be washed with the brush provided.
  3. Last Day at Camp: Please leave used mattresses flat in bunks as slept on. Clean out all garbage. Clean floors and washrooms as above.

Swimming Pool

If the pool is available, its use will be totally at the risk of the group. Groups must meet all requirements for providing lifeguard and supervision of swimmers.

Liquor and Drugs

The group agrees not to allow the use of liquor, tobacco and non-medicinal use of drugs, on or around the premises of Camp Sunrise.


No cutting of trees or damage of trees is permissable. All damage to any aspect of Camp Sunrise property will be the responsibility of the group. The damage will be fixed and the expenses invoiced to the group.

Kitchen & Food Preparation

We provide a cook and the food for our camps as per the Rental Agreement.


Absolutely no pets will be permitted on the camp grounds or in any of the camp buildings during your stay at Camp Sunrise.