Our Programs for 2013

Women's Camp May 30 - June 2   $140/person (4day)
$120/person (3day)
Seniors Camp I June 13 - 18   $235/person
Seniors Camp II June 16 - 18   $120/person
Ministry Team Orientation June 24 - 28    
Teen Camp * June 30 - July 5 13 - 18 $235/person
An exciting action-packed week that's sure to be a meaningful and memorable experience! Share friendship. Challenge yourself. Engage in worship, team building, sports and recreation. Join in the laughter and the fun. Teen Camp is an adventure waiting for you!
Junior Music & Performing Arts Camp * July 6 - 13 7 -12 $325/person
Want to enhance your music training? Want to improve those vocal cords? Then this is the camp for you. Music teachers and trained staff await your arrival1 Meet new friends and create great memories by having fun and sharing in drama, guitar, recorder, digital art, timbrels, musical theater, campfire skits, stomp. Wow, what choices! Come on along and get in on the action.
Holiday Camp 'A' July 15 - 20 7 - 12 $300/person
Holiday Camp 'B' July 22 - July 27 7 - 12 $300/person
Holiday Camp 'C' July 29 - August 3 7 - 12 $300/person
Holiday Camp 'D' August 5 - 10 7 - 12 $300/person
A fun filled week that offers memories and friendships you'll cherish forever. Sports, crafts, archery, wallclimbing, canoeing are but a few of the many great outdoor activities that await you. Come along and meet new friends. Enioy the great outdoors. Join us at the end of a day around the campfire for tons of laughter. We have reserved a space for you!
Mom's & Tot's Camp August 12 - 15 Child 6 and under Mom & 1st Child = $280
Additional Child = $180
Calling all Moms! Looking for a change? Needing a break from your routine? Well moms, here is the camp for you! Our Mom's & Tots camp enables mothers to share in a program that is designed both for them as well as their children. Imagine time for yourself while well-trained camp staff care for your children. lmagine afternoon aciivities designed to promote quality family time with your little ones. Mom's & Tots camp offers you rich fellowship, a variety of educational, as well as fun, activities - all in the beauty of nature.
Sunrise Performing Arts Camp * August 17 - 24 13 - 18 $325/person
$295/2nd child
Musical training at its best. Quality programs are offered both in areas of instrumental and vocal. Electives enable you to share in other activities such as digital photography, drama, video production, contemporary brass, guitar, musical theater, worship band, interpretive dance and the list goes on. What more could you ask for? Come and learn in the great outdoors.
Leadership Camp August 26 - 29   $145/person
Men's Camp September 27 - 29   $125/person
Youth Together October 18 - 20   $95/person
* Discounted rates are available for familes sending more than one child to the same camp program maked with the asterisk (*). Contact Captain Dave Macpherson for more details pertaining to summer programming at (604) 296-3813