Registration Information

Registration involves 2 steps:

Download an information form
Visit your local Salvation Army community church office. Here you will find Registration and Medical forms. You can fill out the forms and remit your fees here.

Note: You will require the free software program, Adobe Reader, to view the forms. Click to download the program.

Teen Camp Download Information Sheet
Junior Music & Performing Arts Camp Download Information Sheet
Holiday Camp Download Information Sheet
Sunrise Performing Arts Camp Download Information Sheet
Moms & Tots Camp Download Information Sheet
Volunteer Forms Application Form | Medical Form

Please note: Application Forms for 2013 summer programming can be obtained from your local Salvation Army Ministry Unit.

This is camp.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!  That’s the sound of the big bass drum as it leads the procession around the circle of cabins.  One after the other, children file out from their cabins and join the march as the procession snakes its way to the parade ground.  After the laughter, and early morning chatter dies down, the next sound is voices.  Voices of over 160 children lifted in the singing of “O Canada”. The flag is raised over the campground. The next sound is a quiet voice of a boy or girl reading a short scripture verse and a Counselor leading a prayer for the day. This is followed by Recreation Director Mark Touzeau leading the children in “The Banana Dance” to line up for their breakfast in Rotary Hall where a sumptuous meal awaits them.
This is the beginning of a new day at Camp Sunrise.

“Camp Sunrise exists to provide a sheltered Christian community where youth and adults can retreat to experience the love of God and the fellowship of other Christians.”

The statement, posted on the Camp Sunrise website is part of the Camp’s Mission