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Jill Pedersen
Jill Pedersen’s face lights up and her eyes shine when she talks about three of her favorite things; her fiancé, her love for God and Camp Sunrise.  Jill has been the lifeguard at Camp Sunrise for 5 years.  A deeply spiritual young woman, Jill hears the voice of God. His voice told her to go to back to Camp Sunrise to find her future. 

In 1993 Jill’s parents began attending The Salvation Army’s new Langley Corps. When she was 10, Jill went away to Camp Sunrise’s Junior Music Camp for the first time.  She went to camp each year and progressed to Senior Music Camp.  To a Pentecostal teenager, Salvation Army camp life was becoming quite boring as she was becoming more accustomed to the charismatic services at Christian Life Assembly.  “Camp just wasn’t “fun anymore” and she decided not to go back the following year.  That was when she heard the voice of God.  He told her that she must go back the following year. She struggled with this but was obedient to His word and went back.  “That was the best week, it was fun and I felt more centered than before!”  At Senior Music Camp there is the opportunity to win the Senior Honours Student Award and go to Toronto to participate in the National Music Camp at Jackson’s Point.  Jill was delighted to win that year.  This is not surprising as Jill has a beautiful voice.

Jill has her own perspective on what Camp Sunrise is all about.  She had attended other camps but sees a difference in what Camp Sunrise has to offer. She enthusiastically talks about the programs and the staff.  “The programs are designed to be at a deeper level than to simply entertain the kids.  The Counselors really pour into the children the value of developing friendships; both with the other kids and with God.”  She encourages young people to get involved with the Camp as they get older and become eligible for the L.I.T. (Leader In Training) Program.  “It’s a position that stretches you a lot! You can see the program changing the kids as they grow in confidence.  It’s a program that builds genuine friendships and helps develop the kid’s character skills.” Jill went back to camp to “make a difference” and found her future at the same time.  Jill became engaged this summer to Recreation Director Mark Touzeau.

Volunteer Staff

The Leader In Training Program is a two tiered program that prepares young people to get the training to go on to become Camp Staff.  The program aims to create an opportunity to experience God’s love and show it to others in practical ways.  Tier one is for teenagers 14 and 15 years of age.  The program is run twice a summer and is open to 6 candidates in each session.  It is geared to cover 10 areas of learning including dealing with conflict, communication skills and outdoor education.  Tier 2 is offered to candidates 15 and 16 years of age and further develops skills taught in Tier 1.  More detailed information can be found in the downloadable forms and information booklets on the Registration page.